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Tangle for TRS

The bi-cameral legislature of India is quite unique given that there we are an extremely diverse country. While the Rajya Sabha is the council of states, the membership is de facto decided on the basis of political considerations by the party bosses. Read more

Tussle between Youth and Government in Telangana

Orkut was our past, facebook is our present and unemployment is our future...! So goes a popular joke reflecting the problem of rising unemployment in India. Read more

Door Delivery of Services Brings Hope for Citizens

We are all aware of how tiresome a visit to any government office is. They are notorious for their red tape and citizens are harassed with needlessly cumbersome procedures for what should ideally be their right to obtain services from the government. Read more

A hero from Kurnool history forgot

Contrary to popular belief that the revolt of 1857 was the first time Indians rebelled against the English rule—It was not yet the British rule and we were under the rule of the East India Company till the 2nd of August 1858—there were many revolts against the company rule prior to it. Read more

KCM launches Democratic World on Constitution Day

69years ago, today we adopted the constitution which is our guiding force to provide decent life for all and to bring qualitative change in people’s life. Read more