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Niharika Breaks Silence On Love, Marriage With Prabhas

The couple is back in news and this time Niharika breaks her silence on Love and marriage with Prabhas. Curious much? Read on...

202K Views. May 24, 2018

202K Views. May 24, 2018

Bigg Boss Fans Attack Nani Over Favourite Contestant Remark

The audience is fuming at the management for wasting their precious time. Continue reading here.

104K Views. September 3, 2018

Not Geetha, This Contestant Will Win Bigg Boss 2 Telugu

Singer Geetha Madhuri, now Bigg Boss 2 contestant was an ideal choice for viewers and organisers to award the winner's title. Continue reading here.

103K Views. September 18, 2018

All Bigg Boss Contestants Nominated For Eviction This Week?

It has become hard to predict who will face the axe as all these contestants have been performing well in the tasks assigned to them by the Bigg Boss. Continue reading here.

98K Views. September 18, 2018

Bigg Boss 2 Leaks: Deepthi Elimination Today

Only three days left for the grand finals of Telugu Bigg Boss 2 and the buzz about the show is quite high.

91K Views. September 27, 2018